Students to Join NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover-2003 Team The Planetary Society

Ever since the first spacecraft rocketed beyond Earth, children around the world have dreamed of exploring space. The LEGO Company and The Planetary Society, the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration of our solar system, are about to make that dream come true. These organizations have partnered with NASA to sponsor an ambitious program that allows children to play an integral, hands-on role in NASA’s upcoming Mars Exploration Rover-2003 mission, which is set to explore Mars in early 2004. This joint initiative, called Red Rover Goes to Mars, provides an exciting opportunity for students to participate in a robotic planetary exploration mission. The project was announced today in Houston at a Student Press Conference held at the World Space Congress. The Red Rover Goes to Mars project allows students to compete for the opportunity to work directly with the Mars Exploration Rover-2003 mission. The project also provides actual hardware-DVDs containing millions of names-attached to the two NASA spacecraft.

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