Students Envision Life on Mars, Dance Their Vision NASA

Local students will join Emmy Award-winning performers Bill Nye the Science Guy, and choreographer Debbie Allen in an exploration of what a futuristic community might be like on Mars. The event will take place at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and will be webcast live to allow other schools to participate. During the event, there will be three stations at JPL in which the students can participate. The first challenges students to build an imagined futuristic martian city with small painted boxes representing the fictitious business establishments that students deem important to the community; the second presents students with food choices from which they must fill an artistically labeled box with a nutritious balance of preserved food for the martian neighborhood; the third asks students to develop a billboard and public service announcement about water on Mars and how its presence and conservation is vital to their proposed locality. The highlight of the event will be a guided exploration of movement on Mars by Emmy Award-winning choreographer Debbie Allen and students from her dance academy.

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