Mission: SPACE Ready to Take Guests on Flights to Mars

There’s no need to wait for NASA to come up with a way to get astronauts to Mars. Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando will soon have a new way to experience the trip by stepping inside Mission: SPACE — a long-awaited, space-themed ride that is arguably the most technologically advanced amusement ever developed by Disney Imagineers. The Epcot attraction is scheduled to “soft open” to the public Aug. 15. That will be followed by a star-studded, grand opening celebration in October. “We have worked for a long time about doing ‘space’ at Epcot because it’s just such a natural fit with what we’re about here,” said Brad Rex, Disney’s vice president in charge of Epcot. “This is a tribute to NASA and the space program.” Sponsored by HP, the attraction was designed with the full support of the space agency and is believed to have cost Disney more than $100 million to develop and construct.

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