The Planetary Society Completes Faxing Campaign to White House. The Planetary Society

On November 10 of this year, The Planetary Society launched a faxing campaign aimed at the President of the United States with a clear purpose in mind: to urge the President to set a human mission to Mars as NASA’s primary goal in the coming decades. Since then, thousands of messages have been sent to the White House from our friends and supporters. We thank all of you who took part in this campaign. The effort continues. The Society’s grassroots campaign was planned to coincide with a general review of space policy that is currently taking place in the White House. That review is nearly complete, and the President is expected to issue a directive to NASA soon, outlining the goals of the American space program for the coming years. At this critical juncture, it was crucial that the Society and its supporters raise their voices in support of a strong commitment for the human exploration of Mars.

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