Mars Society Asks Everyone to Tell Bush to Make Human Mars Exploration NASA’s Goal! Mars Society

The word is out that President George Bush is preparing to set a major goal for NASA, with an announcement possibly coming as soon as the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s flight December 17th. The Mars Society urges everyone to contact President Bush immediately urging that NASA adopt humans to Mars as its goal. Do it any way you like, but act today. A letter will have more impact than a fax, a fax will have more impact than an email. But do what you can, and do it soon. The critical decisions that could allow a breakout to Mars or doom our space program to three more decades of wasteful stagnation are being made now. Your letter sent today could make the difference. So write, AND fax, AND call, AND email, and get all your friends to do the same. Don’t wait, do it today. Humanity’s future in space could depend on it.

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