Mars Rover Finds Definite Sign Of Life April Fools!

At a press conference early this morning, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena California announced proof of extraterrestrial life has been discovered on Mars.
Last month, while probing rocks on the surface, the “Spirit” rover encountered what appeared to be a smooth flat rock, almost completely covered by sand.
“It was the texture of the rock, which drew our attention. It appeared smoother and less weathered than anything else on the surface that we have encountered thus far.”
When Spirit reached a distance of approximately 1 meter from the object, it was clear that we weren’t looking at any ordinary rock. The object lifted from the ground, and began hovering at a altitude of 3 meters.
“We had absolutely no expectation that we would ever encounter anything like this!”, said JPL’s Director Dr. Charles Elachi “We were all speechless.”
The object remained hovering at 3 meters without any visible sign of propulsion nor support. The features on the lower sections of the object made it very clear that it was an engineered object, and not a naturally occuring phenomenon. Section plates were evident, as well as possible weapons damage of some sort.
Spirit has been stationed to observe the object for further signs of intelligent control. No motion other than the hovering has been observed.
“We theorize that the object may have been programmed to respond to motion, which is why it is now hovering. Unfortunately, the probes currently on Mars have no way of achieving any further interaction.”
An anonymous source at the Whitehouse told us that the recently announced moon base is intended as a stepping stone to get scientists close enough to work with the object.

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