NASA Ponders Human Mission to Moons of Mars Live Science

A potential outward bound destination for astronauts: Phobos and Deimos – the two moons of Mars.
NASA is stirring up the exploration pot by co-sponsoring in early November the first international conference on sending robots and humans to Phobos and Deimos.
This global gathering of experts will meet at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. They’ll detail new ideas on probing Phobos and Deimos, as well as how to utilize the two moons as a gateway for exploring Mars itself.
In the human exploration department, scientists and engineers are to delve into what an expeditionary crew might do on Phobos and Deimos – and how to use those mini-worlds to help in investigating the red planet. Also, what precursor robotic missions that might be needed will be addressed.
By the way – Russia is already spearheading a multi-nation project to explore Phobos, dubbed the Phobos-Grunt mission, a sample return effort eyed for 2009.

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