Spirit Mars Rover May Be Dead Too Now Gizmodo

More bad bad news. Just two days ago Phoenix Mars Lander sent his last words, and NASA announced the end of the mission because of a storm that covered its solar panels with Martian dust. Today, we have learnt that the Mars Spirit rover may be dying too because exactly the same problem. In fact, according to Bruce Banerdt—the mission manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and part-time Hulk impersonator—he may be dead already:
This is a very dangerous time. If we don’t hear from it on Thursday, we’ll be extremely concerned.
The culprit, again: A sudden dust storm over the Martian equatorial plains. This storm has covered the solar panels during the last days and, as a result, the Mars Spirit only produced 89 watt-hours last weekend. This is half the amount it needs to keep functioning. Scientists at the JPL have turned off heating for many instruments in the hope that the rover’s batteries won’t be completely depleted.

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