A Near Death Experience On A Spacewalk, In Exclusive Mars Clip io9

Check out this exclusive clip from Geoff Marslett and Mark Duplass’ strange-looking space romantic comedy Mars. We’re still not sure what to make of this indy film — the graphics alone freak us out a bit.
The picture, which is premiering at SXSW, is part comic book, part love story and part comedy. You may remember Mark Duplass from his Sundance directing days or his role on The League.
Here’s the official synopsis:
In 2014, the discovery of life on the Red Planet leads to a space race between a robotic expedition and a manned mission. Over the course of this interplanetary animated feature, a lonesome robot and a motley space crew discover that love can flourish anywhere – even on Mars. Told in the playful style of a graphic novel, MARS explores why we explore.

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