A Webcomic About A Disgruntled Mars Researcher You Need To Start Reading io9

Der-shing Helmer, creator of The Meek, is back with a new webcomic, and it’s set on Mars. In Mare Internum, an entomologist arrives at an isolated Mars research station just as another researcher has been fired. But before he departs, these two scientists will learn a great deal about each other’s troubles.

Quick content warning: the comic opens with a character contemplating suicide.

First off, to answer a question fans of The Meek might have, Helmer has said that, yes, she’ll be returning to her fantasy webcomic later this year.

But in the meantime, now is a great time to hop on Mare Internum. It’s just getting started, but it’s already telling an intriguing story with the same level of rich and expressive art that Helmer devoted to The Meek. After a dispute with his commander and the loss of his popular research robot, Michael Fisher has been fired from his position and is scheduled to return to Earth. On the day he’s supposed to depart, Rebekah “Bex” Egunsola arrives, fresh-faced and eager to explore the possibility of farming crickets on Mars.

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