VFX Breakdown of The Martian [Spoilers!]

The Martian was a stunning film, there’s no denying that. The cinematography, writing, VFX and acting were all superb so it’s only right that we spend some time looking into how this was achieved. How the visuals of a film were achieved is often an overlooked part of any films success. That is, unless you want to work in this industry like a lot of our awesome community. So we like to showcase the best breakdowns we can find and curate them here, on our filmmaking blog. If you’re like us, you’re about to start watching breakdown after breakdown because, well, they’re awesome.

This video was made by the production house, MPC. MPC were the lead studio on Ridley Scott’s The Martian, delivering an epic 425 shots. Production VFX Supervisor Richard Stammers and MPC VFX Supervisors Anders Langlands have created VFX that left us breathless from start to finish. It’s by no means the first film to be shot in Space or on Mars, but we think it’s up there among the best looking films of the genre or any genre, really. Over the past few years we’ve seen some epic films of this genre, Gravity and Interstellar. So when you consider that The Martian is setting a pretty high standard for film in 2016 – and it’s only January – we’re in for a treat this year.

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