March 24th, 2001

GHOSTS OF MARS larger, clearer trailer! Ain't it Cool News

Hey folks, Harry here with an upgrade to the trailer for GHOSTS OF MARS that Smiling Jack had up yesterday… Sony has gone and posted a high and low res rendition of the first teaser for John Carpenter’s latest film. And though I looked really, really hard… no Harry head yet. But hey… that’s cool…

March 23rd, 2001

GHOSTS OF MARS trailer Ain't it Cool News

Old time AICN-man Smiling Jack Ruby has scored a cool trailer that we’re all waiting on… JOHN CARPENTER’S GHOSTS OF MARS!!! The trailer is so small though, that details are hard to make out, so I can’t see my head (if it is there at all) and sometimes the action seems to just be pixels moving… but I dig the way the trailer is cut and the music… which is just… cool.

July 29th, 2000

Natasha Henstridge lands the lead role in John Carpenter’s GHOSTS OF MARS Ain't it Cool News

Hey folks, Harry here. I can absolutely put to rest any ongoing lingering rumors about the casting of the lead role in GHOSTS OF MARS. In yesterday’s story, Moriarty ended the piece saying that Natasha Henstridge was being favored for the lead role… well as of about 2 hours ago, the ink dried and she is in.

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