August 29th, 2014

Colorado man may be headed to Mars — for good AOL.

A Colorado native says he’s been preparing his whole life to travel to Mars, and he’s getting closer to his dream in several ways. The only catch? If he goes, he may never return.
It’s hard to imagine a more fitting metaphor to describe Max Fagin’s trajectory than the Manitou Incline. The popular hike is located near Max’s childhood home in Colorado Springs and follows a path nearly straight up from there.
In the past few years, the incline is one of several hikes Max and his father Barry Fagin have been working to check off their list of accomplishments.
“I’d like to get as many of them out of the way before I have to leave… either this state or this planet,” Max said.
Leaving the planet is all Max has wanted to do for as long as anyone can remember.

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