October 21st, 2013

ISRO Mars Mission Launch Delayed as Pacific Storms Delay Main Tracking Ship Sent to Fiji Authint Mail

The launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission will be delayed further owing to storms in the Pacific Ocean, which are affecting two major ships being sent to Fiji to track the trajectory of the PSLV launch with the payload for Mars Orbiter Mission.
However, the launch window is open from October 28 to November 19 and ISRO will launch the Mars Mission anytime during this period.
The main tracking ship MV SCI Nalanda is on its way to Fiji in the Pacific and is now expected to reach on Monday while the second ship Yamuna is already there.
The ships are crucial for tracking and relaying real-time data about the last stages of the launch to release the spacecraft, which will happen over the South Pacific.

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