November 15th, 2000

Red Planet Review Bad Astronomy

The second of a series of Mars movies is out, and it is my great pleasure to say that “Red Planet” is vastly better than “Mission to Mars”. Of course, the stomach flu is better than “Mission to Mars”. Anyway, I was dreading watching RP since the critics had nearly universally panned it (with the exception, notably, of Roger Ebert), but I found it to be an enjoyable film. It’s possible that my opinion was swayed by expecting something horrible, and thus thinking it was a lot better than it really was. But I do really think it was a fun flick. Of course, it did make a few astronomy mistakes! It also got some interesting things right as well. Want to know more? Then read my detailed review! As always, with a newly released movie, I place the review on a different page so as not to spoil the details for people who have not yet seen it.

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