November 12th, 2013

Martian moon samples will have bits of Mars Brown University

A Russian mission to the Martian moon Phobos, launching in 2020, would return samples from Phobos that contain bits and pieces of Mars itself. A new study calculates how much Martian material is on the surface of Phobos and how deep it is likely to go.

July 25th, 2001

New Images Show Signs of Climate Change on Mars Brown University

New images from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft show signs of recent climate change on the “Red Planet” dating back about 100,000 years instead of millions or billions, American scientists said on Wednesday. John Mustard and geologists at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, have identified and mapped a unique, young terrain resembling cemented ice that suggests there are shallow ice reserves below the surface. High-resolution images from Surveyor show the terrain is breaking down, indicating climate change and perhaps modern Martian ice ages.

December 9th, 1999

Brown geologist finds evidence supporting ancient ocean on Mars Brown University

James Head, a Brown University planetary geologist, is the lead investigator on a team of scientists that has found evidence supporting the presence of an ancient ocean on Mars. The team received topographical data from the unmanned Mars Global Surveyor that they say is consistent with a former ocean.

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