November 7th, 2002

Digi 001 Goes to Mars! DigiZine

Your name is Dr. Penelope J. Boston from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science. You’re on the research mission of your life, and you’ve just shut the external airlock hatch on the Mars Society Desert Research Station. Your EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) spacesuit feels like an air-conditioned gorilla on your back as you depart Mars Base One and board one of three all-terrain vehicles headed for Factory Butte. On the way you stop to take some surface samples; and later, while crossing an ancient, rusted red alluvial plain on the way back to Base, your ATV hits a dust hole, turns over, injures your pelvis, and cracks a number of ribs in the process. Immediately secured by your Extremophile teammates and now back in the safety and comfort of “the habitat,” you somehow cope with the pain in simply knowing that your team just overcame one of the biggest emergencies a manned mission to Mars can ever face. You’re feeling better after some macrobiotic sushi and refocused on the mission at hand, so what are you going do next, Dr. Boston? Well, of course, you fire up the Digi 001 all night and write lyrics for the house band.

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