May 26th, 2004

Russia, Europe experts to jointly prepare manned flight to Mars Itar-Tass

Russian and European specialists will jointly prepare a joint manned space expedition to Mars.

March 12th, 2004

USSR module was first to report on Martian atmosphere 30 years ago Itar-Tass

The earliest data about the Martian atmosphere was transmitted to the Earth from the landing module of the Soviet inter-planetary station

March 11th, 2004

Russia reorganizes space agency Itar-Tass

A reshuffling of the Russian government has given the Russian space agency a new name and removed aircraft from its purview, but has left its long-time head still in charge.

February 17th, 2004

Russia calls for studying expediency of manned mission to Mars Itar-Tass

It is necessary to drop emotions in order to see what real benefit people can derive from visiting these [planets], Koptev told a news conference on Tuesday. “As far as I understand, even our U.S. colleagues have no answers to a number of questions,” Koptev said. A Mars mission will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, he said. It will not be easy for the United States to find money for it, given the country’s huge budget deficit.

January 27th, 2004

Manned expedition to Mars will have to use Martian resources Itar-Tass

Earthlings must visit Mars now that the Mars Express interplanetary station of the European Space Agency has confirmed Martian water. Yet they will have to learn how to use Martian resources for their return to the Earth, Marcello Coradini from the European Space Agency

January 26th, 2004

Soviet Lunokhod designers to help build Mars rovers for ESA Itar-Tass

The designers of Soviet Lunokhod moon crawlers will take part in the creation of a similar machine for the exploration of Mars under a programme launched by the European Space Agency. Russian technologies will be used in designing and building a Mars rover, an ESA official said. In his words, the European Aurora project calls for cooperation with two Russian organisations

January 15th, 2004

Resumption of Moon and Mars programs discussed in Russia Itar-Tass

Resumption of the Moon and Mars exploration programs is now being discussed in Russia, Rosaviakosmos First Deputy Head Nikolai Moiseyev told Itar-Tass.