July 26th, 2013

Think our weather’s zany? Try Mars and its daily 123° swings KOMO News

If the warm days of summer have you pining for some cooler weather, perhaps a trip to Mars is in order.
Sure, you’d need to build a spaceship, ask your boss for about 2 years off from work, and solve that whole “Mars has no oxygen, water, or Starbucks (yet)” issue but if you could get there, it would definitely be colder than a Seattle summer.
Tony Rice, a fellow weather blogger and volunteer with the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador program, maintains the @MarsWxReport Twitter feed, which gives the current weather once a Martian day (40 minutes longer than an Earth day) from the Mars rover Curiosity.
What we find is that Mars is a cold place that has some radical changes in temperature between day and night, when it gets really, really cold.

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