March 2nd, 2004

Pepsi Mars Rover Ad Martian Soil

Soft drink maker Pepsi have taken notice of the recent Mars craze and produced a TV spot about a scientist monitoring a Mars rover’s travels, who becomes so engrossed in his Diet Pepsi, that he misses a bunch of Martians jack it up on cement blocks and try and steal its wheels.

August 4th, 2003

Phoenix Lander Selected for 2007 Scout Mission Martian Soil

The University of Arizona and Planetary Laboratory’s Phoenix design has won the bid for NASA 2007 Scout Mission to Mars, netting them a staggering 325 million dollar funding grant. The Phoenix Mission, which will carry equipment designed by UA researchers Peter Smith and William Boynton, will put a lander on the icy northern plains of Mars. The lander’s robotic arm will excavate a trench and retrieve samples for geological and chemical analysis.

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