March 8th, 2002

Finding Mars on Earth Science

Someday, maybe early in the next decade, human astronauts will emerge from a Mars lander to explore the Red Planet and find answers to life’s mysteries. Until then, Devon Island in the Canadian territory of Nunavit may be the closest thing to Mars that we’ll find on Earth. At 450 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the eastern portion of Devon Island is covered in ice year-round; the western part is mostly polar desert–cold, arid plains and valleys carved out by ancient glaciers. In the center of the island lies its unique feature–the 20-kilometer-wide, partially eroded crater of a major meteoroid impact that occurred some 23 million years ago: Haughton Crater. The site is password protected, but a demo login has been provided, if you’re not an AAAS member. Use name: nwdemo and Passwd: 19green3 to log in…

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