March 4th, 2010

Their Mars mission is set to blast off St. Petersburg Times

Remember the people who said the moon landing was a hoax?
A New Port Richey company hopes to create a simulated trip to Mars that everyone will know is fake but will appear as realistic as possible.
“This is not Disney World or Universal Studios,” said Mark Homnick, 52, one of the managers of NewSpace Center LLC.
The company has submitted site plans for a 75-acre lot in Titusville on Florida’s Space Coast to build Interspace, a space-themed entertainment and research facility that would include the simulated Martian environment. The men estimated the project will cost about $30-million and said their plans began in 2005. Homnick and his vice president, Joseph Palaia, run the company and its parent, 4Frontiers, out of Homnick’s waterfront stilt home.

February 9th, 2003

Op/Ed – No time to cut and run St. Petersburg Times

Last week, the lives of seven brave astronauts were lost when the space shuttle Columbia broke upon reentry. This has left the nation asking many questions that go well beyond the technical causes of the accident sought by NASA’s investigators. Questions like: For what did they die? Was it worth the risk? And perhaps most important, where do we go from here?

November 29th, 1999

Mars landing to test NASA’s prowess St. Petersburg Times

In the past when NASA has had this much on the line, this much to worry about, it has always been about astronauts. Not this time.

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