May 15th, 2014

Virtual astronaut to share experience of life on Mars Stuff

Being stuck in a two-storey, 8-metre metal cylinder with five strangers for two weeks would be terrifying for many people – but for Haritina Mogosanu it was a dream come true.
In fact, the Romanian-born Wellingtonian couldn’t wait to get back to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, returning a year later. She will speak on her experiences tonight at the Carter Observatory.
The hab was built in the US by the international Mars Society to simulate what a long-term astronaut crew sent to the Red Planet might undergo.
Volunteers at the station provide invaluable feedback to those developing technologies like spacesuits and dehydrated food.

July 15th, 2010

Planning a trip to Mars Stuff

The temperature’s literally freezing, the air is poisonous and you’ll die if you go outside without your space suit.
Why would you put your hand up to be on the first space shuttle to Mars?
Space tourism may not be a reality yet, but in preparation for the day that it is, Guy Murphy has written a book about living on the red planet, titled Mars: A Survival Guide.
Murphy wouldn’t say no to a seat on the shuttle but he accepts moving to a Martian neighbourhood would have its downsides.
However those problems would pale in relation to what else the planet has to offer.

March 8th, 2004

Kiwi scientist working on mars drill project Stuff

Wellington’s Victoria University earth sciences lecturer Warren Dickinson is part of a NASA-funded international project to develop a drill capable of extracting rock cores from the surface of the Red Planet. The team’s work has taken on added importance after findings from data provided by the NASA rover Opportunity showed that water once drenched the Martian landscape. “If there is any ice sediment with water, that means potential for bacteria and other organisms,” Dr Dickinson said.

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