October 16th, 2003

Program at college will bring Mars to Barstow The Desert Dispatch

The Barstow Community College gymnasium will be transformed into Mars this weekend during a hands-on NASA workshop open to the public. During “Barstow Space Days,” residents can see a lightweight version of the Mars Exploration Rover in action, view mission holographic images, and learn about more than 18 past and current space missions — like Genesis, Voyager, and Galileo — from mission personnel.

September 18th, 2003

NASA scientist teaches about mission to Mars The Desert Dispatch

A 24-hour day doesn’t exist in the world of NASA scientist Steve Squyres. At least on hasn’t since June when two rovers were launched to Mars. Instead, Squyres and about 170 other scientists function on a 24-hour and 39-minute Martian day cycle, preparing to successfully guide two $400 million exploration rovers around the terrain of the red planet when robot field geologists land on the planet in January.

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