May 22nd, 2011

Mars Space Gear Tested Out The International Business Times

Mars is in reach and NASA and the European Space Agency are preparing themselves for the day man walks on the Red Planet.
One space ship manufacturer executive predicted the event would come in 10-15 years. NASA, and other space agencies, have given it a little more time, saying it will happen by 2030. Regardless of the date, NASA and the other space agencies will be prepared.
Recently, NASA and the European Space Agency tested out space suits for missions to Mars. The ESA tested out the Aouda.X suit, which was developed by the Austrian Space Forum, in the semi-desert of Rio Tinto, Spain. It took three years to make, and Austrian Space Forum says it’s the best of its kind.
Meanwhile, NASA tested the NDX-1 space suit, designed by De Leon, in Antarctica. The space suit endured frigid temperatures and winds of more than 47 mph (75 kph) as researchers tried out techniques for collecting soil samples on Mars. The prototyp suit cost $100,000 and was created with NASA funds. It is made out of more than 350 materials, including tough honeycomb Kevlar and carbon fibers to reduce its weight without losing resistance.
Here is a look at these possible Mars space suits.

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