November 25th, 2005

Mars mission plans more homespun than high tech The Miami Herald

A few decades from now, space travelers living on Mars may think the Pilgrims had it easy. The pioneers who make the 80-million-mile, three-year journey to Mars and back will probably not have the just-add-water-and-heat packaged foods that are aboard the international space station, where the crew orbiting Earth will prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner today of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and cherry-blueberry cobbler. NASA’s Johnson Space Center is working on a project to send humans back to the moon, and from there to Mars.

April 6th, 2004

Epcot attendance rising because of boost from Mission: Space The Miami Herald

A rocket ride to the red planet is bringing tourists back into the orbit of Disney’s Epcot theme park. Mission: Space, a simulated voyage to Mars heavy on G-forces and “gee-whiz,” opened six months ago in Disney’s second-oldest park, and the results have been out of this world. Emphasizing the attendance boom was the sea of people watching Tuesday as Disney honored NASA’s two Mars rovers, currently rolling atop the martian rocks and dirt.

March 15th, 2004

Researchers Believe Mars Could Support Greenhouses The Miami Herald

Evidence of ancient water beds on Mars has scientists dreaming up ways to turn the Red Planet into a green paradise. In small steps, anyway. Some researchers think Mars might harbor liquid water deep under its surface, which could be used to nourish plants in self-contained greenhouses. With acres of these futuristic farms, astronauts could grow fruits and vegetables — and have a source of oxygen — allowing human colonies to live on the planet indefinitely.

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