July 31st, 2010

From Earth to Mars: New Museum Exhibit Studies the Challenges of Long-Term Space Travel The Star-Ledger

The new exhibit “Facing Mars” may be steeped in the deepest reaches of our solar system, but educators at Liberty Science Center are hoping to use the allure of the Red Planet to help bring the mysteries of outer space down to Earth in a very realistic fashion.
“You see a lot of exhibits that focus on studying the stars and spaceflight, and the mysteries of Mars, but what we’ve tried to do is challenge visitors to consider what it would truly be like to take that huge leap,” says Andrew Prasarn, one of the museum’s exhibit developers. “From the moment you walk, in, we’re putting you in the shoes of a person who might one day travel to Mars, confronting you at the very start with the question of whether or not you would actually want to take this journey, then showing you everything that’s involved.”

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