May 31st, 2004

Doctor Who – Pyramids of Mars to get special extra only in Region 1 TV Shows on DVD

Lubinsky is contracted by BBCWA separately and directly in the United States to produce and edit the Tom Baker special featurettes of the original 98 Tom Baker episodes that had Howard Da Silva’s narrations exclusively for the US market. For Pyramids of Mars, it’s all eight original introductions and recaps as recorded by Da Silva in 1978. Lubinsky used old off-air Beta 1 and VHS sound recordings from when WOR New York first aired Doctor Who with these segments. Lubinsky cleaned up, eq’d and matched the original off-air sound recordings with the new DigiBeta clone restored footage and effects wipes. He even recreated the actual font used to credit Da Silva at the end of each of the four episodes, and put this all together for the Pyramids Of Mars DVD’s Region 1 release.

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