June 25th, 2001

SFU prof starts mock Mars mission Vancouver Sun

Beginning this Thursday, a Simon Fraser University professor will spend the rest of his summer vacation rehearsing the trip of a lifetime: a manned mission to Mars. If all goes well, Steve Braham and five others will be the first Martian enthusiasts to spend eight weeks living inside a two-storey metallic cylinder — resembling two huge tuna-fish cans stacked one on top of the other — built on the lip of a giant crater in Canada’s barren arctic. “Some people think I’m thoroughly crazy,” said Braham before he left for Canada’s high arctic last week. “The question is usually, ‘Why?'” It’s all part of a project jointly engineered by NASA, the SETI Institute, and the Mars Society, which attempts to simulate the experience of living on Mars.

December 11th, 2000

Canadian astronaut tells students their generation will get to touch Mars Vancouver Sun

With his historic career as an astronaut likely drawing to a close, Marc Garneau spent precious moments in orbit Saturday telling a group of Canadian youngsters that their generation will follow him on unprecedented adventures in space. “Within my lifetime, and certainly within your lifetime, we’re going to send humans to Mars,” Garneau told about 75 young people in a satellite exchange from the U.S. space shuttle Endeavour.

October 5th, 2000

How B.C. lake holds key to Mars Vancouver Sun

A unique form of underwater structure found in a lake in B.C.’s southern Interior could help determine whether life ever existed on Mars or elsewhere in the universe. For more than 20 years, recreational scuba divers have known about a formation of coral-like structures in Pavilion Lake, between Lillooet and Cache Creek. But the large underwater deposits never attracted any scientific interest.

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