February 11th, 2001

The Hesperian Period of Mars’ History Vernadsky Institute - Brown University

Microsymposium 33: March 10-11, 2001 Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, US… The Hesperian is a critical time period in the history of Mars. During this time significant volcanism occurred in the Tharsis, Elysium, Alba, Hesperia, and other regions, significant planet-wide tectonic activity occurred in the form of wrinkle ridges and other structures, the outflow channels were emplaced and Valles Marineris came into prominence, the northern lowlands were resurfaced by the Vastitas Borealis Formation, and candidate glacial deposits were emplaced in the south polar regions. In spite of this wealth of geologic activity, the time boundaries and duration of this period are very poorly known. Any significant understanding of the geology and geodynamics of Mars must provide a better definition of the activity during this period, its relations, timing and absolute chronology.

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