October 20th, 2011

Mars-500 experiment Is coming to an end Voice of Russia

Mars-500, a wide-scale experiment to simulate a piloted flight to Mars is coming to an end. Its participants “have arrived” at the near-Earth orbit and are ready to “land” there now.
In a little more than 2 weeks the Marsonauts will “land” on Earth. Of course, they are eager to leave the hermetic module of the Moscow Institute of Medical and Biological Problems, where they have been living and working for 500 days now. There’s no doubt that the Marsonauts are ready to pack their suitcases, supervisor of the Mars-500 project Alexander Suvorov said in an interview with the Voice of Russia:
“The research programme continues because specialists want to get as much information as possible about radical changes. At the same time, taking into account the former results, a certain balance is visible now, as the participants of the experiment say after their long “stay in space”.”

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