The Planetary Society Announces for 2001, a Space Art Odyssey The Planetary Society

Mars has beckoned for centuries, inspiring mythology, science fiction and now an International Space Art Contest. The Planetary Society invites participants of all ages worldwide to draw what Mars would look like if one were standing on the planet’s surface. The contest is held in conjunction with The Planetary Society’s Red Rover Goes to Mars Training Mission where Student Scientists are to select a suitable landing site on Mars to which Earth might one day send a Mars sample return mission. Art contest entrants must depict what such a landing site on Mars for a robotic spacecraft might look like at ground level — both now and a century hence. “The art contest reminds us that planetary exploration isn’t just for ‘rocket scientists.’ People of all ages who are imaginative and artistically inclined can participate,” said Linda Kelly, Education Manager of the Red Rover Goes to Mars project.

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