Sally Ride Aims to Launch American Girls on to High-Tech Careers

The first American woman to fly in space is aiming to launch a new generation of American girls on to careers in math, science, engineering and high technology. And judging from those who attended a recent Sally Ride Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala., young girls across the nation are anxious to target futures in fields traditionally dominated by American men. Chatting with Ride after a space shuttle mission simulation, girls from six states wanted to know what it was like to launch into space, float weightless in zero gravity and look back on the blue orb Earth. And Katie Satre, an 11-year-old from Randolph, Vt., made Ride an offer the former NASA astronaut and president of could not refuse. “My dream is to be the first person on Mars, so when you come with me on my spaceship to Mars, I get to be the first one out. Okay?”

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