So you want to be an astronaut Machine Design

To experience the thrill of space travel, you can pursue a university technical degree, be accepted into the U.S. astronaut program, train for years, and possibly get a seat on a shuttle mission. Or, you can do the next best thing and plunk down $52 at Walt Disney World Resort to ride its newest Epcot attraction: Mission: SPACE. Mission: SPACE – conceived, designed, and developed by Walt Disney Imagineering – is set several decades into the future at the International Space Training Center. “Astronauts in training” board capsules that hang from the arms of four independent centrifuges. Sophisticated hardware and software, high-fidelity visuals and audio, and special lighting, perfectly synchronized with capsule motions, simulate what it feels like to launch into deep space. “It’s an amazing experience,” says Senior Show Producer Bob Zalk, Walt Disney Imagineering. “In fact, it’s out of this world. Guests will certainly say this ride is unlike any other experience they have had before.”

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