H.G. Wells’ The War Of The Worlds Is Filmed! Pendragon Pictures

Pendragon Pictures proudly announces the completion of principal photography of H.G. WELLS’ THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. Set in Wells’ intended turn-of-the-century English locale, the movie is the world’s first authentic adaptation of the H.G. Wells classic 1898 novel. The live-action production, lensed in tight security under the cover title THE GREAT BOER WAR, took two and a half months to complete on location in England and the Pacific Northwest. The picture wrapped almost three years to the date when Pendragon’s original updated version of WAR OF THE WORLDS was shut down due to the events of September 11th. Director Timothy Hines reflects, “We never stopped really. After an initial two-week hiatus, we saw the light in adapting a dead-on accurate version of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS from the original source material.

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