Last Chance to Hitch a Ride to Mars The Planetary Society

Only a few days remain to fly your name – or those of family members and friends – to Mars.
This summer, The Planetary Society will send a DVD containing the names of individuals from around the world to Mars aboard NASA’s first Scout mission, Phoenix. Once a name is entered on The Planetary Society website, a certificate can be downloaded, stating the name’s inclusion on the archival message from Earth to Mars. So far, about 200,000 people from more than 70 countries have signed up to send their names.
The deadline for submitting names has just been extended to February 12, 2007 at Noon, Pacific time. People everywhere are encouraged to submit names to fly to Mars, including those of children and grandchildren, classmates, or even a favorite family pet.
The disk will also include “Visions of Mars,” a collection of 19th and 20th century stories and art by some of Earth’s visionaries.

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