New Mini-Series, Documentary Target the Red Planet

The first astronauts to explore Mars will undoubtedly face challenges, some of which may mirror those depicted in a new mini-series and documentary chronicling humanity’s initial steps on the red planet.
“Race to Mars,” a martian multimedia event orchestrated by the Discovery Channel Canada, follows the efforts of six spaceflyers on a 600-day mission to reach the red planet and hunt for life before China’s unmanned probes. The first installment of the four-hour miniseries airs tonight for viewers in Canada.
“This will be the definitive story of the human mission to Mars,” said Paul Lewis, president and general manager for Discovery Channel Canada, in a statement.
A six-part documentary “Mars Rising” – narrated by veteran space actor William Shatner – will follow the mini-series beginning Oct. 7 to present an in-depth look at the inherent hurdles facing a human expedition to Mars. A companion book and multimedia Web site further explore issues raised in the $20 million television events.

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