Washington students get to practice with rocket sciences Sammamish Review

David Pedroni loves math and physics. He tries to get his hands on anything related to aerospace and outer space. The Skyline High School senior took a physics of outer space class as a junior and has been interested in space exploration since he was little, he said.
That’s why he thought it was so cool to get the chance, over the summer, to work with a team of 40 Washington students to simulate a human mission to Mars.
Pedroni, along with Skyline classmate Taylor Chin and Eastlake senior Erick Lo, spent an entire week with the Washington Aerospace Scholars program at the Museum of Flight in July.
“My brain kind of works in a math-physics kind of way,” Pedroni said. “And I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut since I was a little kid.”
The weeklong residency is a competitive educational program for high school juniors. Its purpose is to immerse young students in science-, technology-, engineering- and math-related fields of study and to expose them to working professionals at NASA, Boeing and other aerospace companies and organizations, said program administrator Melissa Edwards.
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