Martian New Year’s Party In Pennsylvania Will Inspire Young ‘Neil Armstrongs’ To Fly To Mars In 2030s The Inquisitr

Get out your noisemakers, pointy hats, and someone to smooch when the clock strikes midnight. It’s the Martian New Year, and the appropriately named Mars, Pennsylvania, is holding a big party to celebrate.

It’s a party that only comes around every couple years. The Martian New Year happens the same time as the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. That equinox is coming around this month, NASA reported.

Mars’ celebrations fall on June 18 to 20 — in two years, it’ll be held on May 5. This small Pennsylvania town 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, and home to about 1,700 earthlings, is the perfect spot for such a celebration — it even has a flying saucer sculpture in the middle of town. The festival was born when the local historical society tried to figure out how to promote their town, which has an advantageous name.

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