April 19th, 2013

Gary Busey auditions for the Mars reality show on ‘Kimmel’ Entertainment Weekly

When news broke that there was going to be a reality show where people traveled to Mars to establish a human settlement in 2023, lots of people joked about who they would want to send up there. Well, Jimmy Kimmel has a suggestion. On his show last night, Kimmel showed the ”first official video application” for the Mars program. Wearing a tin foil hat, a shirt with the word Mars on it, and a purple cape, Gary Busey hummed and danced around a miniature solar system, claiming he should be one of the lucky few that gets to go to Mars… because he’s been there before.

March 10th, 2010

Indie romance in space! Check out ‘Mars’ starring Cynthia Watros from ‘Lost’ Entertainment Weekly

It’s Libby from Lost as you (and Hurley) have never seen her before – animated!
Cynthia Watros stars alongside musician/actor Kinky Friedman (he plays the President) in new indie film Mars, which premieres this weekend at SXSW. Mark Duplass (Humpday, The Puffy Chair) plays an astronaut who goes on the first manned mission to Mars, looking for “life and love.”
The whole project is the brainchild of Austin, Texas-based animator Geoff Marslett, who has said he wanted the film to look like a cross between A Scanner Darkly and Sin City. But he also notes the film is more like an indie romantic comedy set in space.