August 2nd, 2000

Species Chick Goes to Mars Mr. Showbiz

When Courtney Love bowed out of the sci-fi action flick Ghosts of Mars

April 10th, 2000

Courtney Love & Ice Cube Go to Mars Mr. Showbiz

Rocker-actress Courtney Love is in final negotiations to star opposite Ice Cube in John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars.

March 12th, 2000

Mission Control: Masses Go To Mars at the Box Office Mr. Showbiz

The critics hated it. Moviegoers, as so often happens, couldn’t have cared less. The movie’s potent performance is perhaps most attributable to its eye-popping special effects, the ever-reliable attraction of plucky humans in peril, and the durable mystique of Earth’s red neighbor.

February 4th, 2000

Mission Avoided, Red Planet Delayed Mr. Showbiz

In the battle of the epic Mars flicks, Warner Bros. is blinking first. The studio has moved its Mars-themed Red Planet back nearly four months, from June 16 to Nov. 10. That leaves Mission to Mars, the offering from rival Disney, a clear takeoff March 10.

August 16th, 1999

Mars, More Lies for Cameron? Mr. Showbiz

Cameron is working on one of three dueling Mars projects. How to go bigger than Titanic, still the biggest film of all time? Cameron is unveiling a Mars miniseries for Fox and a related Imax film, both will be ready in 2001.

April 13th, 1999

Mars and Stars Mr. Showbiz

Hollywood has this thing about making similar high-concept films and releasing them within months of each other. Now there’s a new pair on the block

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