August 21st, 2000

Red Planet: Official Site Images

The image of Val and Tom with the “weird” substance on their faces is really their sweat turning into ice as night falls on the planet Mars. This takes place during one of my more favorite scenes.

August 20th, 2000

Red Planet: Official Site Images

With nearly FOUR months left until the movie RED PLANET hits theaters, the official site has opened up to have a huge number of images. The images depict everything from the astronauts en route to Mars to the astronauts on the planet.

August 7th, 2000

Red Planet: Official Images

Finally the first real large group of images have been released for this movie…

July 16th, 2000

Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for the movie RED PLANET is great, as most teaser trailers are. But honestly, I’m a little confused about the plot to the movie. It was my understanding that the movie dealt with man’s survival on the hostile planet of Mars, but the trailer makes it out to be Man vs. Nature vs. a robot. Also, is this movie a horror movie (ie the tagline to the movie “The Color of Fear”) or a sci fi one?

April 14th, 2000

What’s the difference, anyway?

Highlighted differences between the movie MISSION TO MARS and the script to the movie. Did you know that the script featured a launch scene of the Mars 2 crew leaving the Earth and that the Mars 1 astronauts were killed in a different manner?

March 10th, 2000

M2M Production Notes

The production notes for the movie M2M have been released. They include details of cast selection, story synopsis, aspects of project conception, and character development.

February 18th, 2000

More Red Planet Toys

A few more images of the upcoming RED PLANET toys have been photographed at this year’s Toy Fair. This time, the figures consist mostly of the smaller scale ones.

February 13th, 2000

Red Planet Toys

These are pictures of prototype toys that should appear on store shelves sometime this year.

February 11th, 2000

Mission to Mars: Official Site Images

The latest batch of images from the official site include images of the spacesuits, the landscape and the spaceship that travels to Mars. Most of the images included here are pre-production art pieces. There’s a lot of hard design work that goes into every movie and only a bit of it is included here.

February 1st, 2000

The Suits

The official site for the movie MISSION TO MARS has released a few more images. All of the new images (including production sketches) feature the space suits worn by the astronauts on their “mission” to Mars.

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