March 10th, 2004

NASA releases Mars, the movie Tri-Valley Herald

If a few still pictures from the Mars rovers can capture the nation’s attention, imagine what a high-definition video — compiled by a supercomputer, projected onto a 36-foot screen, with 50 times the detail of any previous image — will do to the minds of school kids. It could very well blow the doors off, if Tuesday’s unveiling at the Mars Center at NASA Ames Research Center near Mountain View was any indication.

November 17th, 2002

The Mars Experiment: Looking for life in the driest spot on Earth Tri-Valley Herald

Kimberly Warren-Rhodes has an eye for microscopic life. But on this day in early October, as she trekked across perhaps the driest spot on Earth, she was having trouble. She couldn’t find a thing. A post-doctoral researcher with NASA-Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Warren-Rhodes hunts down hardy bacteria that thrive in climates too harsh for other life. The microbes colonize the underside of white quartz, using the opaque crystal as a “rock greenhouse” to filter the sun’s rays and condense scarce moisture. Warren-Rhodes had never found a desert floor without them.

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