Flashline Station Lands on Devon Island! Mars Society

The primary components of the Mars Society’s Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station have been successfully dropped by parachute onto Devon Island. The low-altitude air drop was done by two US Marine Corp Reserve C-130 Hercules aircraft from Marine Aircraft Group 41 in Fort Worth Texas. The cargo was prepared for air delivery by Marines from the 4th Air Delivery Platoon based in San Jose. A tremendous amount of coordination and work went into the construction, preparation and loading of the cargo, and the Marines involved did what was necessary to ensure the cargo was ready for a safe delivery. Operating in fair weather, the Marines achieved their objective of safely and precisely landing the palettes containing the components of the Flashline Station on the 150 meter-wide Haynes Ridge location where the station will be built. The cargo was delivered successfully. Commenting on the smoothness of the operation, Lt.Col Tom Duncavage, a Marine reservist and NASA manager who commanded the operation said; “I could not be more proud of these Marines for their determination, skill and attention to duty. These loads were difficult and the first of their kind. Marines like to be first, and we thrive in the environment of the difficult. Like the science team on station here at Devon, we are all proud to be part of the Haughton-Mars project.”

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