Mars Desert Research Station to be Exhibited at Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex Mars Society

This summer the Mars Society’s second analog habitat, the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), will be exhibited at the Kennedy Space Center visitors complex. The exhibit is scheduled to open July 1 and will run through the labor day long weekend. The Mars Desert Research Station was fabricated for the Mars Society by Built on Integrity (BOI), of Boulder City Nevada. Founded by Scott Fisher, of the Fisher Space Pen company, a longtime supporter of space exploration in general and the Mars society in particular, BOI has developed a proprietary construction technology combining a steel frame, foam core, and elastomeric skin to produce an ultra lightweight structure with extremely effective insulation properties. The MDRS used this technology to produce a station that is the same size as the fiberglass honeycomb Flashline Station, but which weighs less than half as much. The Mars society intends to take advantage of the lightweight nature of the MDRS to make it mobile, moving it to support exploration at several different desert locations in the course of its operating lifetime. Engineering support for the design of the MDRS is being provided by the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

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