FMARS Status Report (7/1/2001) Mars Society

Happy Canada Day! Rain and fog in Resolute Bay, and still no way to fly in to Haughton Crater yet. A First Air Twin Otter returning to Resolute Bay from the Noranda Camp on Grinnell Peninsula in northern Devon Island took the long way home this morning and flew over our airstrip. Snow cover is down to 15% but there are now large puddles of meltwater. It’s still too risky to land by airplane at Haughton and there seems to be no dry ground in sight. We have been actively exploring the possibility of borrowing a helicopter from the Noranda Camp in hopes of implementing the “Thomas Lee Inlet scenario”, but chances of a helo being available tomorrow are low as we’ve been told in an e-mail message from Allan Huard this evening. Allan will nevertheless try his best to help us and we are planning to remain on standby all day tomorrow.

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