Dispatch from Mars Society Arctic Expedition – Robert Zubrin – July 11, 2001 Mars Society

Our crew moved into the Flashline Station shortly after 9 PM last night. I had hoped for a celebratory meeting of the two crews as they met during the exchange, but it didn’t happen that way. Instead, the shortage of ATVs made it necessary for us to travel to the station two at a time, so that two of the first crew would return the vehicles for the next two of ours, and so forth. Vladimir and I get to the hab first. Sam Burbank explains to me the electrical wiring system of the hab, making it emphatically clear that the system was Frank Schubert’s creation, not his own. I see his point. The wiring system was clearly designed by someone with a unique sense of humor. Appropriate alterations are planned. Pascal, the departing commander, then gives me a briefing on the overall condition of the station, and wishes me well for our upcoming shift. Then the last of my crew arrives, Pascal departs, and we are on our own. We spend a bit of time stowing the large shipment of food we have brought with us, and then retire for the night.

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