FMARS Crew Status Report #3 – 11 July 2001 – 10:00 PM MDT Mars Society

The second phase has begun with new members added to the crew. The new commander is Dr. Robert Zubrin. Other new crew members include Dr. Vladimir Plester a physicist with the European Space Agency, Dr. William Clancey a computer scientist from NASA AMES and Katy Quinn who is just completing her Ph.D. in geology at MIT. Remaining in the hab for Phase 2 are Chief Engineer Dr. Stephen Braham of Simon Fraser University and Dr. Charlie Cockell, biologist from the British Antarctic Survey. Today the crew spent the morning doing some housekeeping in the hab. This afternoon the crew perfomed an EVA on Haynes Ridge. The goal of the EVA was to search for fossils along the ridge. The EVA was quite successful.

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