Exploring Mars with TES: A Data User’s Workshop Arizona State University

There is an emerging community of scientists interested in the use of Thermal Emission Spectrometer data for exploring the surface and atmosphere of Mars. The TES data sets are both rich with potential for exciting discoveries and daunting in their scope and utilization. The tools, techniques, and knowledge that are necessary for working with TES data have been evolving since before the MGS mission and now are at a level of maturity that can be shared with the community. It is our goal to present our experience with TES data and laboratory thermal IR spectroscopy in a way that will encourage the use of both. The planned 2-day workshop is intended to be both a short course and a forum for the presentation of current TES data analysis by the community. A third (optional) day will allow attendees to visit the Granite Wash Mountains in western Arizona as part of a demonstration on the combined use of thermal IR remote sensing, field spectroscopy, and lab spectroscopy with an eye toward present and upcoming Mars missions.

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