Last Word on the Mars Society Conference Mars Society

This year’s event offers something for every interest. For those who have been closely following the FMARS field season at Devon Island, we will have a full report from team members, a new video offering from Sam Burbank, and a full track devoted to reporting the results of the research. Aspiring astronauts will enjoy hearing the first female shuttle commander, Eileen Collins, speak on her space flight experiences. U.S. Space Camp offers a discovery day for students which promises to be loads of fun. Science fiction fans will especially enjoy the author’s panel on Friday night. Other highlights include updates and discussion on the possibility of life on Mars, a vital dialogue on the environmental engineering of a sustainable ecosystem, reports from many of our partners in space advocacy, including the Planetary Society, the International Space University and Yuri’s Night and much more. A complete, up-to-date schedule of the conference will be posted at The Mars Society website – – within the next day or two.

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